Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saskatoon Flowers

Saskatoon, seviceberry and juneberry are common names for the shrub Amelanchier alnifolia, a North American native of most of Canada from Yukon and British Columbia eastward to western Quebec. Indigenous to the Prairies, it’s a great shrub to plant in sandy soil, which is just what my yard has at its southeastern most corner.
We grow a couple of shrubs s ornamentals and for the birds, but we are told the berries, which ripen in July, are delicious. Actually getting to taste the saskatoons isn’t easy, though. The local birds are crazy about them. How crazy? They screech and complain if you even approach the bushes just before the berries ripen.
But wait! It’s OK, remember? We planted the shrubs for the birds in the first place. As a bonus, we get to enjoy the flowers, which are blooming now.

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