Wednesday, May 28, 2008

S is for...Scree Garden

A scree garden is a bed built to resemble the soil and rock found at the bottom of rock faces or cliffs: sandy, rocky, well-drained soil. My husband and I built this one last year on the south side of our sunroom. It had been a weedy, overgrown herb garden that looked awful most of the time.

I was surprised when I suggested that we convert it into a scree garden! Before I knew it, we had dug out all the herbs and soil, placed rocks at the bottom of the hole, then poured in gravel, then a mixture of soil and sand. I planted some drought tolerant alpine plants, then surrounded them with pea gravel. Most of the [lants survived a severe drought that summer and a cold, miserable winter. These photos show what the garden looks like 12 months later.
I can't believe how easy it has been to take care of this bed! So far so goo, anyway. And it's a wonderful place to showcse plants that ould likely get lost in a bed of larger plants.
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